Winter Health Summit 2017


Language: English
Release Date: 2017
Duration: 30 Hours
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: 20 DVD Set



Scientists figured out more than 60 years ago that they could unravel our DNA to “read.” Despite all this time passing, we seem no closer to solving the numberless health issues that plague us today. Are we really any healthier? People still get sick, and the diseases today can be immune to treatment. In order to properly heal and restore the body we need to first learn about the causes of disease.

There are two main theories as to why disease happens: the germ theory and the gene theory. In part 1 of The True Cause of Disease we will cover the inside workings of the cells. Our DNA is a plan, a blueprint. If there’s something amiss in the blueprint, this can affect our cells, and in turn, we become ill with disease. So let’s learn how new cells are made, what RNA is, and discover some components of DNA that determines the colour of our skin, eyes, our height, our appearance, how we get sick, and so much more. Let us also discover the real reason we have germs and whether they cause disease or not.

Some of the causes of damage to DNA can include chemicals, GMOs, mineral deficiencies, excess heavy metal and electromagnetic field exposure, and more. What about vaccines? These can turn normal healthy cells into rogue cells that contribute to disease. Join Barbara O’Neill in this scientific and eye-opening presentation about disease, the causes, and what we can do to combat it from a root level. Study how genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger in terms of disease.

Most people do not give their health a second thought, they just live their lives as normal. However, when people get sick, suddenly they start second guessing their lifestyle choices and consider their diet and health. Instead of getting sick, why don’t we look after our bodies in the first place? Preventative measures can be implemented to ensure a healthy life now, and later too.

Importantly, when we inevitably get sick, we need to ask WHY. Could it be fungus? Mould? Antibiotics? It is a combination of lifestyle and diet, and we need to be patient investigators to discover just WHY we are becoming ill. Learn about the discovery of antibiotics and what they truly are. Are they actually beneficial? Since they are prescribed so frequently, many are growing immune to them. The human body was masterfully created to heal itself given the right conditions. We may not need all that the pharmaceutical companies throw at us. Barbara O’Neill will help clarify some of the causes behind disease to help us understand WHY disease happens. Even emotional distress can contribute to disease! Education is so important. We need to learn as much as we can about our own bodies, so watch now to inform yourself.

When we start investigating why someone might be ill, the missing link could involve hormones. Hormones are different in men and women, and they affect each of us a little differently. In this lecture with Barbara O’Neill we will investigate the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, learn what makes hormones run, what throws hormones out, and how we can bring hormones back into balance.

Women have a monthly cycle of sex hormones, and this is natural. However, many factors contribute to whether our hormones are released at a normal rate and in the correct quantities. So what are the key hormones? What does cholesterol have to do with it? How are estrogen and testosterone involved? Learn about menstruation, the contraceptive pill, pregnancy, puberty, menopause, and all things that can affect hormone levels. Men, this lecture is useful for you to gain insight to the mysteries of the female sex. Have a fuller understanding of the inner workings of women’s health in this in-depth presentation.

The two biggest killers today are cancer and heart disease. Millions are diagnosed with heart diseases each year, and though it may seem unavoidable, there are actually healthy ways to prevent a sick heart. Did you know that there is a clear way to have a healthy heart? You start with more oxygen, which in turn strengthens the blood, and with healthy blood, you have a healthy heart! So how can we add more oxygen to our blood?

In this lecture with naturopathic doctor Dr. Barbara O’Neill we will look into heart health. Blood pressure, oxygenation, muscle cells, glucose, the foods we eat, water, cholesterol, and exercise… What do all of these have to do with how healthy our hearts are? Learn about the muscle cells that make up the heart and how glucose is a vital element. What is the HIIT exercise method and how does it benefit our bodies? We all know that exercise is part of the 8 laws of health, but did you know there is a specific type of exercise that is especially good for us? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and we should be striving to work out like this for improved hearts. Join O’Neill in this important and educational lecture about conquering health issues and gain a better understanding of our most important organ – our heart!

If we are given a law that is meant to give us better health and therefore a better life, what happens if we break that law? There are three main parts of health: physical, mental, and moral. These three elements can drastically improve and better our situation when taken together. However, if even one of these components is misaligned, we can suffer the consequences. So with a perfect balance, we can achieve better health.

So what constitutes the 8 physical health laws? In case you did not know them, they are: pure air, sunshine, temperance, rest, exercise, proper diet, use of water, and trust in the divine power of God. If we stick to these 8 prescriptions, our physical health will be in order. Perhaps you already knew and adhere to the 8 health laws. Follow along as we also investigate the mental and moral laws to give you even a better grasp of what affects your overall health! Did you know we should investigate both cause and effect of illness? What about our choices between love or forgiveness? How do our words affect others? How do our moral choices and beliefs affect how we feel and affect others? Join naturopathic doctor Barbara O’Neill in this health lecture about the laws of health in physical, mental, and moral capacities.

Our bone health is very important. Our bones keep us standing upright, protect our internal organs, and protect our brains from damage. It is literally the skeleton that holds us together! However we are hearing more and more about osteoporosis in people who are so young! Why are bones breaking apart so early? Bones should be strong until the day we die. Our bones need a specific type of nutrition, and if we are lacking in that nutrition then our bones weaken.

In this lecture with Barbara O’Neill we will look at what causes the deterioration of our bones and learn what we can do to strengthen them. There are many misconceptions about bone health, one of them being that bones are made of calcium. Bones are actually composed of a fine mineral balance. Naturopathic doctor Barbara O’Neill reviews the 12 different minerals and discusses the 64 trace minerals needed for good bone health. Learn about the types of protein, oils, vegetables, and exercise that can contribute to improved bone density! See how the 8 Laws of Health all come together to give us the best health possible. Come along in this informative lecture to discover how we can overcome osteoporosis

Our gastrointestinal tract is 8 meters long. This lengthy tract is where we get all of our nutrients from the foods we eat, so we better know what’s going on! We need to understand the house we live in and understand our bodies. So let’s journey together from the mouth through the entire gastrointestinal tract to learn the amazing process of processing food! This journey changes the foods we consume into substances that energizes the blood and is used by our cells.

Amazingly, we have complete control over our gut, because we have control over what we put into our mouths! Therefore we must be mindful of our food choices as everything we eat affects our health. Learn how our different organs work, how pH balances change depending on where the food is in our bodies, and what enzymes are involved in breaking down our food. Remember that water is one of the most important aspects of our health! In this easy to understanding presentation, Barbara O’Neill will review the entire gastrointestinal system so we can learn what affects our guts, and in turn how we can heal our gut!

Diabetes may have once sounded like a death sentence, but did you know that it can be conquered? What is diabetes, and what is occurring in the body of a diabetic? There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 involves a damaged pancreas. However, the pancreas can be revived if it is given the right conditions for healing. In this lecture with Barbara O’Neill we will investigate potential reasons why a pancreas may not be functioning at its full capacity, and by knowing the cause we can discern a good treatment. Remember one of the mental laws of health that was covered in a previous lecture: there is cause and effect to everything. So we must be curious and investigate why we are feeling a certain way in order to move towards healing.

The main causes behind disease must be ascertained in order to start the recovery process! One of the biggest causes of diabetes is our food. Not only can it cause health problems, but food can also heal us if we know what we’re eating. Never before have humans eaten as many carbs as we do now. What are the implications of the starch-rich diets that are so popular? Follow along with Doctor Barbara O’Neill’s educational and scientific lecture to learn all about diabetes, what it means, and why it isn’t ever as hopeless as it might seem. If we follow God’s prescriptions for health and make informed lifestyle choices we can create the perfect environment for our bodies to heal themselves!

There are many health trends, and we hear a lot about fasting. But fasting has been around for a long time, in fact it was used Biblically many times. So what exactly is fasting and what are its benefits? What actually happens to our bodies during a fast? See how fasting was historically used to benefit the body. Discover how glucose and fat gets stored and how these things affects the body during a fast. We have storage and backups in our body when we are not taking in food, so the energy that is normally reserved for digesting a meal is used elsewhere. Learn about how excess energy can then go to areas of greatest need to help the body heal itself.

In this lecture with Doctor Barbara O’Neill we will learn all about fasting. Fasting provides more than just physical effects, but spiritual effects as well. In order to achieve rest and rejuvenation, we need to first cleanse our bodies. Fasting is just one of the most efficient ways to clean house!

There are millions of health books and videos out there, but how do we know which one to turn to? Perhaps after all this time it really is best to return to the original health plan set by God! The Bible is the great prescription book for our health. God alone knows the perfect conditions our bodies need for optimal health, and thankfully we have the Bible to teach us. If we turn to Scripture, we will learn miraculous and wonderful methods of natural healing. So what should we do when we’re sick?

How does oxygen, nutrients, water, cells, and our blood contribute to health? In this spiritually informative health presentation we will look to the Holy Bible and the Ministry of Healing for the best prescriptions for health. Learn about diabetes, circulatory issues, and more. How can herbs be used for the service of man? We need to read and study the Bible and learn to heal ourselves. We can start by eliminating nasty habits and getting back into natural treatments, which are the Godly ways of healing!


1.The Physiology of Addiction Part 1 – 82 Minutes
This lecture will open your eyes to the physiology of addiction and how the brain handles addiction.

Do we all have sin? Do we all have addiction? In the Bible it clearly states that all have sinned and we have all fallen short of the glory of God. However, despite being sinners does that mean we are all slaves and servants to our addictions?

In this informative lecture with doctor Diane Burnett we will look at the different parts of the human brain and their functions. How does addiction manifest and how does it change us? Discover that everything we see, hear, eat, and touch affects our brains and is imprinted on us. Every experience and memory leaves a mark upon our minds. So if we witness something traumatizing, it affects our development. So in turn if we experience pleasure from consuming a substance, we can become addicted to the feeling of pleasure.

2.The Physiology of Addiction Part 2 – 78 Minutes
This lecture will open your eyes to the physiology of addiction and how the brain handles addiction.

Addiction is a complex thing, it does not spring up instantly but takes time to grow and mature in our minds. This lecture will open your eyes to the physiology of addiction and how the brain handles addiction. Also learn some valuable tips to help guard your mind against addiction and replace sin with something holy and pure.

Making the right choices is the challenge of every human. Understanding the function of the brain and why we easily fall prey to temptations will help us in finding control over every area of our life.

3.Physiology of Victory – 85 Minutes
The food industry is fighting to get you addicted to their products. Can we fight back and find victory?

People are creatures of habit. Many people pick up a coffee from their local coffeeshop on their way to work. Consume a standard cookie after lunch. Always a snack before dinner once you get home. We have certain dietary and life habits that have become routine and very comfortable to follow. Just because we have these habits doesn’t mean they’re good for us! In fact, many of the things we habitually do are harmful in the same way that biting one’s nails or staying up too late is harmful.

In this lecture with Diane Burnett, learn how habits are made and how to change them. The food industry is constantly competing for your dollars, and they are using proven techniques that allure and addict consumers to their products. We and our children are quickly becoming addicts! Learn how to identify these traps and learn to avoid them. It’s about life and death!

4.The Appetite War – 51 Minutes
There is a huge contrast between artificial nutrients and the real nutrients from natural foods, but is reading our labels really enough? Perhaps we are discovering that if something has a label on it and it is a manufactured item, we shouldn’t even be touching it at all.

Natural fruits and vegetables were given to us to enjoy from God. Those things were declared good and therefore are beneficial for us to eat. However, man has been meddling with these perfectly good products and making food bigger, tastier, and seemingly “better.” Have we counted the cost of this trend? People are becoming addicted to their appetites. We crave dessert, bigger meals, sweeter drinks, and we are never satisfied. We have confused our needs with our wants, and we need to relearn the differences between hunger and appetite.

In this lecture with Doctor Diane Burnett we will look at the tension between the conscious and subconscious mind, and evaluate how the food industry has manipulated the media, music, medicine, and our munchies for their benefit. There is a huge contrast between artificial nutrients and the real nutrients from natural foods, but is reading our labels really enough? Perhaps we are discovering that if something has a label on it and it is a manufactured item, we shouldn’t even be touching it at all. The food industry builds their business by bringing us back to them over and over again. Let’s learn to bring things back to the basic building blocks that God originally gave us.

5.What’s Love Got to do with it? Sugars: The Good, Bad, and Hurtful – 82 Minutes
If we care about our bodies and our loved ones, we will avoid the sugars that causes poor health.

At one point or another, you have probably craved some sugar. Many people love sugar, and love and sugar seem to go together. We receive chocolates for Valentine’s Day, candies are a popular gift, children love soda and we often crave some sugar after a meal. Sweets are very tempting! But scientific evidence is showing that sugar is really quite the opposite of loving.

If we care about ourselves and our loved ones, we must learn about the harmful effects of sugar and learn how to get back to God’s plan for healthy living. In this lecture with Doctor Diane Burnett, we will look into the terrifying effects of sugar on our health and discover what it’s like to get back on track to living a healthy life full of Godly love instead of edible and temporary love.

6.The Best Fats for our Health – 55 Minutes
Do you know the difference between good and bad fats?

We constantly read health articles about fats. There seems to be a lot of contradictory information out there about this stigmatized nutrient. So are fats good or bad for us? What are fats used for, and how do good fats and bad fats affect our health?

Fat is an essential nutrient to our health. We all require fat for energy and to keep us healthy. However, there are good fats and bad fats that can cause many health problems. This lecture with Doctor Diane Burnett will reveal the best ways to get the good fats that our bodies bodies need and how the wrong fats are a leading cause of disease.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT, by Walter Veith

DVD’s In This Series
1. To Soy Or Not To Soy & Health Brown Bread
2. Food For Thought & Healthy Rye Bread
3. The Path Of Obedience & Deep Breathing

1. To Soy Or Not To Soy
In this educational, well researched health seminar with Walter Veith we will see how lifestyle changes are the most important factors for improving our health. In this captivating health lecture with Walter Veith we will explore the traditional African diet versus a Westernized diet. Why is a simpler diet better for us? We will learn about the benefits of plant proteins, despite the argument that animal proteins are the best.
What about the controversial soybean? Once and for all, is this food good or not? Explore the different ideals of nutrition between cultures and make up your own mind

2. Food For Though
There are many risk factors that affect our health. If we look at the studies behind the common health concerns we will notice how lifestyle diseases are at the top of every list. In this knowledge-filled lecture with Walter Veith we will look at the importance of diet. What is the food that is perfect for a healthy brain? The brain consumes glucose for energy. How do we keep our glucose levels high healthfully to maintain a healthy mind?  What are the key fruits and vegetables that contribute to healthy brains?

3. The Path Of Obedience
What is the true origin of tobacco and alcohol? Though most people know these vices are bad for us, why is it still proliferated throughout society today? What about chocolate? Though seemingly benign and an enjoyable dessert for millions, is there actually a sinister background to this treat? Following the Bible and all its health prescriptions will lead to a more spiritually fulfilling life, in turn promoting a healthy body and healthy life: and that is the true path of obedience!

Bonus Bread Baking Videos


1.Kitchen Remedies
In this lecture with Walt Cross we will head into the kitchen. What impact does a kitchen have on our health? It turns out that what’s in our fridges and what’s in our cabinets actually does matter. In fact, what we put into our kitchens – and in turn what we put into our bodies – affects our health directly. There are rules and laws of health that we should be following to ensure a healthy life.

These laws not only affect our bodies, but our mental and spiritual health as well.
These laws are: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Rest, Air, and Trust in God. These are natural and pure remedies that God has prescribed for us. All of these laws of health can be easily found, but challenging to follow. Thankfully in our modern times it is much easier to find certain healthy foods and they are more accessible and affordable than ever before! Learn about the benefits of juicing, how garlic and kale are two wonderfully powerful foods, the benefits of HDL cholesterol, and how herbs can transform our diseases and restore health! The essential oils from herbs are extremely potent sources of healing. Learn about peppermint, frankincense, lemongrass, oil of oregano, cayenne pepper, milk thistle, lobelia, hawthorne, and much more.

This packed presentation will give you all the information you need to stock your kitchens! So follow along with Walt Cross as we investigate our kitchens: our new medicine cabinets.

2.Old Mountain Remedies
In this helpful and informative lecture with Walt Cross we will explore the outcomes of natural remedies. By following the 8 laws of health (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God) we will see how different natural foods can improve and even fix certain illnesses!

We will explore many remedies by diagnosis; including infected wounds, boils, insomnia, bleeding, stress, burns, sores, gum disease, tooth aches, thyroid issues, weight loss, and even cancer. How can pine sap, activated charcoal, poultices, garlic, ginger, aloe, turmeric, cayenne, and other herbs help? Learn about the various things that can compromise our immune systems so we can avoid getting sick in the first place.

3.How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety Naturally
Everyone on this planet experiences stress and anxiety to a certain degree. Whether it be job stress, relational issues, or health issues, many things can bring us down. But what are the effects of stress and anxiety on the body? In this informative presentation with Walt Cross we will look into how stress physically affects our bodies and cover natural treatments for stress and anxiety.

There is a connection between our minds and our bodies. When we experience an event that causes stress, it doesn’t just stay in the brain – it affects our bodies as well. Learn about the three types of stress: acute, episodic acute, and chronic stress. Since everyone has stress, we should be able to recognize what type of stress is ailing us. We can’t have zero stress, all we can do is control how we respond to the stress we do have. Our bodies actually transform when we are stressed. Our heart rate, respiration, sugar levels, hormones, and more actually changes!

If we ignore or do not treat our stress, it can mean delayed treatment or recovery from other diseases. Therefore we definitely need to be proactive in preventing and controlling our stressors. So how can we manage our stress? Learn about the differences between controllables versus non-controllables. There are 8 laws of health that fall in the controllables category, so let’s explore the different lifestyle changes we can make and the herbs and natural foods that can help alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

4.How to Develop an Effective Lifestyle Plan
Millions of people in the United States alone are sick with various diseases. Treating illnesses is expensive. In fact, the healthcare industry is one of the most lucrative – it costs billions and billions
of dollars to manage. What are two of the top two root causes of disease? We will learn about the dangers of appetite and sedentariness. The treatment prescription is simple enough: get up and
change how you live your life. However, this isn’t as simple or easy for everyone. For many people they don’t know where to start!

Join Walt Cross as we create a lifestyle plan that works for every
individual as lifestyle plans can be modified for each person. We will settle on a mission or goal for our health, assess our health and lifestyle history, potential causes for sickness, dietary issues using a health diary, plan for improvement with a support partner, implement the plan using detoxification methods, exercise options, hydration, raw foods, and more, and finally evaluate progress and outcomes with necessary adjustments for continued progression. With these important building blocks we can create a custom lifestyle plan that works for everyone!

5.Old Mountain Remedies by Treatment
In another information-packed presentation with Walt Cross we will continue looking at health remedies using completely natural treatments. In combination with the 8 Laws of Health, these treatments can ensure a better and healthier lifestyle! We just need to get back to the basics of God’s garden. Simple non-GMO fruits and vegetables, clean and raw eating, and the right preparation can make a huge difference in our health!

What are the different applications of cayenne pepper? How can pine sap help heal certain ailments? You will hear many recipes that can benefit a plethora of illnesses – smoker’s blend for the lungs, rocket fuel for energy, mustard plaster, immunity drinks, caster oil packs, different wound salves, and much more. There is even a natural over-the-counter antibiotic that doesn’t require a prescription that you would try. Learn about detoxification including cleansing of the colon and liver. Even common foods that nearly everyone has access to such as potatoes, cabbage, garlic, ginger, and onions are extremely healing. Your garden can be used to fill the medicine cabinet that is your kitchen. Using the God-given foods with these easy and straightforward recipes and applications, we can get back to treating our conditions in a natural way.

6.How to Effectively Address Weight Loss Naturally
The number one New Year’s resolution in America is to lose weight. 68% of Americans are overweight or obese! Obesity causes secondary and tertiary problems such as diabetes, heart problems, inflammation, and worse. In this lecture with Walt Cross we will look at some horrifying statistics about weight management, diet plans, and weight loss. Billions are spent in the weight loss industry every year. We hear about crash diets, trendy diets, and diet books and videos are growing in popularity.

Healthcare costs are insanely high. If we know we are sick, why don’t we make any changes? Obesity and weight gain is preventable, and can be reversed. However, diet plans aren’t a permanent solution. Diets are just a short-term bandage for a root problem. We need to learn about an entire overhaul of our lives, and we require an entire lifestyle change to really improve our bodies. How can juicing and certain drinks help our situation? How can we implement a better work-life balance? Learn about creating a helpful meal plan, realistic goals and a plan of action for your overall health. Hear about different steps that can lead to a more structured diet; including detoxing, sleep, exercise, eating raw, gluten-free diets, and even rest. This lecture will address methods to effectively manage weight loss in an unconventional but long lasting way.

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