The Godhead, by Pieter Gey van Pittius


Language: English
Release Date: 2019
Duration: 177 min
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries Africa
Format: Enkel DVD


Pastor Pieter engages in public discussion with the anti-Trinitarians after thorough, interactive dialogue as well as personal research of about two years. He reaches out to our anti-Trinitarian brothers and sisters to reconcile them again with the church. Part 1 first deals with the fact that God cannot be understood through human perspective. It is followed by the fact that Jesus is truly God in every sense of the word. Finally, he deals with the reformulation of the Shema in Paul’s letters which confirms the One God of the Old Testament, but with a Christian perspective. Part two is a discussion of the titles: Son of God, Only Begotten and First Born with their related titles. Part three deals with the Holy Spirit and how the Shema and certain figures of speech in the New Testament, validate the doctrine of a Triune God very strongly.

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