The Exodus, by Francois du Plessis


Language: English
Release Date:  2019
Duration: 29 Hours
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: 8 DVD Set


Francois du Plessis fell in love with archaeology in Lebanon 1966 when he saw an ancient Phoenician sarcophagus, and his passion for Biblical research continues today.

This was one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges the author has ever accepted. You are going to visit rare sites like Avaris in Egypt, which used to be the capital of the Hyksos. This was also the place where the Pharaoh had a residence and where Moses appeared to him.

You will meet Francois and his daughter Lauretta at the site while listening to the most amazing redemption story in history. We will tell you how each of the ten plagues affected some of their polytheistic gods negatively. Major archaeological sources will be used to confirm the Bible narrative. Come with us to the very site at the Red Sea, Ain el ain Sokhna and relive their experience where they crossed through that huge body of water.

Francois said: “While travelling though the uninhabited deserts, I experienced God’s love for rebels as never before.





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