The Divine Prescription, by Thomas Jackson


Language: English
Release Date: 2014
Duration: 2.4 Hours
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: 3 DVD Set


Each DVD outlines what it means to be called by God, and how we can put our calling to good use through Gospel Medical Missionary Work.

Christ has given humankind a divine prescription to gain salvation. However, have we all accepted this prescription? In Thomas Jackson’s 3-DVD series The Divine Prescription, he describes one of the most important and frequently overlooked aspects of God’s calling: gospel medical missionary work. This work is not just skill and ability, but it is from the heart and soul. Despite our hesitations and excuses, medical missionary work may not be what you initially thought. What does it entail? Hear how God can give us the strength and the opportunity to fulfill His Divine Prescription.

Lecture 1 – Who is Called – 40 Minutes
It is the Spirit of Christ that imbues us with strength. But what can we do with this strength, with this calling of Christ? Thomas Jackson suggests that our calling is to call others. God has given us work to do, and we are called to go help others in the missionary field.

God calls each and every one of us, but can we all of us pass God’s examination of our lives? Thomas Jackson reviews the 3 final great tests for Seventh-day Adventists. Jackson reviews the three tests that will set God’s people apart in the last days. How can we study and prepare for these upcoming tests? Despite all being called, that does not mean all of us will automatically be accepted into His Kingdom. Listen to Jackson’s important message concerning different methods to further our walk with Christ in order to secure our position with Him. Just like Christ came as an unwary servant for us, so we too must be servants for Christ. In this first part of the Divine Prescription series, learn about how being we can become servants in the medical missionary field, and how becoming missionaries means a mission of spreading the Three Angels’ Messages worldwide.

Lecture 2 – What is True Medical Missionary Work? – 45 Minutes
As Christians, what is required of us? Have we considered medical missionary work as essential? In part two of the Divine Prescription series, Thomas Jackson covers the different Biblical reasons and our calling to go into the gospel medical missionary field.

n the second part of the Divine Prescription series, Thomas Jackson explains how medical missionary work is not a case of aptitude, but is in fact has to do with our attitude. We may not feel strong enough to go on missions, but the Bible tells us we should all go. Jackson extrapolates the different Biblical reasons to go into and be a lightbearer for those in the dark. In the same way that Jesus is our light in the dark, we should share our new light and life with others. Hear about what real gospel medical missionary works looks like, and how it can change people’s lives.

Lecture 3 – How is This to be Carried Out? – 60 Minutes
God has diagnosed one of the world’s biggest illnesses. We are plagued with neglect, formalism, and selfishness. Thankfully, God also prescribes the solution. In this final installment of the Divine Prescription series, Thomas Jackson describes how gospel medical missionary work is one of the most effective ways to bring everyone closer to Christ.

In this final installment of the Divine Prescription series, Thomas Jackson evaluates how we can become effective Christians in the missions field. See how medical missionary work and the gospel message are to be bound together and delivered to the world as one. If we are to help others, we can use missions opportunities to share His good message. So how can we rouse the people? With smooth words? Through love and compassion? Jackson describes the ways in which we can spread Jesus’s salvation in a helpful and successful manner. Many people worship without dedication, and pray without action, and have knowledge without practice. All this leads to the sin of formalism and selfishness. See how we must put our worship, prayer, and knowledge to work through the gospel medical missionary field.

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