Lessons From The Wilderness, by Andreas Mellas


Language: English
Release Date:  2014
Duration: 65 minutes
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: Single DVD


The world tempts us with words of encouragement, positions of power, and happy messages of peace and unity. However, many Christians are in the wilderness of sin. Learn how we can overcome this wild with the pure message of Christ.

The church is in need of revival. Many Christians are in the wilderness of sin, and our world has become this wilderness. How can we escape this confusing wild and enter a world of Christ? Pastor Andreas Mellas explores 1 Corinthians 10:1-12 in depth to show us how many care more about positions of power, slogans of catchy gospel messages, and our reputations than we care about the pure truth of His word. Are we fighting efficiently against this deception? We have been called to share the gospel, and we ought to arm ourselves with the knowledge of the Lord’s message. However, many believers are not taking this knowledge to heart and applying it to their lives. This is what leads us in to the wilderness. We easily become scattered and cannot see who is truly guiding us through life.

The world supplies empty promises of happiness and prosperity, but God is the one who is always with us. Instead of depending on the world to give us alternatives to salvation, we need to remember that Christ is the only way to salvation! He is the one who will guide and lead us through the wilderness to freedom. Discover the lessons we can learn while in the wilderness, and the ways in which we can grow in Christ. We cannot achieve perfection and salvation ourselves, we can only gain salvation through God. Mellas describes how desperately we require God to make it through the wilderness.

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