God’s Healing Way to Mental and Spiritual Health, by Dan Gabbert


Language: English
Release Date:  2014
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: 6 DVD Set


In this 19-part series with Dan Gabbert, we investigate different ways in which God can heal us mentally and spiritually. In this life we will encounter many difficulties, and many people choose to deal with their troubled lives in earthly ways. Learn how we can choose God’s way and to respond to challenges the same way that Jesus did. We will evaluate how we were originally designed by God. Let us delve into the many sound reasons we have to trust in Christ. He has a plan for all of us, and knows us all intimately. Through this series we will grow to understand God’s healing way to mental and spiritual health.

Lecture 1: The Original Design for the Heart of Man – 25 Minutes

It is challenging to find a balance of our spiritual, physical, and mental lives. Increasing numbers are turning to psychologists and mental health specialists to find a solution to their problems. However, consider the Lord’s prescription for our health: turn to the teaching and healing Gospel of Christ for permanent and eternal healing.

We are mental, physical, and spiritual beings. God wants us to prosper in all these dimensions of our lives. However, more and more people are reported to have a mental disorder. The WHO reported that approximately 450 million people globally live with mental disorders. With so many people who require mental healing, imagine all the money that is being poured into psychological and secular health practices. Dan Gabbert reviews the warning that is in Colossians 2:8. Should we be allowing anyone to be treating us for our issues? Consider how we should turn to the Word of God for true healing. Since God created us, He knows how to fix any problem that we may have.

In our modern world, health professionals encourage blood tests, brain scans, and endless procedures and evaluations to solve our health issues. However, even with all this testing, we rarely – if ever – know the root cause for any of our disorders. We are turning to people who do not have the answers. Only the Lord knows the real answer, and we can turn to the Bible for solutions to our earthly problems. Jesus is calling us back to simplicity: we should be looking for the healing of the heart. The Bible and Christ provides us healing for eternity, not just temporary drugs and patch-fixes for our health troubles. So instead of turning to people for hope and comfort, Gabbert reminds us to go to the source! Go to God for wisdom, compassion, healing, and for everlasting hope.

Lecture 2: The Reality of God’s Love – 50 Minutes

We’ve all fallen short of the glory of God. However, God wants to help pick us back up and put us back on the right path. Will we allow the reality of God’s love into our lives?

All of us are sinners. Oftentimes we fall back into temptation and sin time and time again. Sometimes it is really hard to comprehend that we have a forgiving and loving God that wants us to return to him. How could God still love us if we keep disobeying him or falling away? However, we can heal our hearts and souls through Christ. If we choose to lay our sins down at His feet, all things are possible by looking unto Jesus. How do we look for advice? We approach a friend and listen to their words. Then we apply their words. We do not merely hear, we listen and then put these words to action.

The Bible works as Jesus’ testimony. We can go to God’s word for encouragement, hope, love, and to grow closer to Him who always loves us. God sees us positively, regardless of our sinful past and present. We are loved by Christ, and He wants to save us all, even with our sin. But we need to desire change, ask for His help to change, and do all that we can to change. In The Reality of God’s Love – Understanding My Value, Dan Gabbert teaches about the character of God’s love. His charity for us never fails and He is patient with us. Let’s study his word to better understand the reality and eternity of God’s love!

Lecture 3: The Reason for Existence – Why I Was Created – 30 Minutes

What is the reason for my existence? Questions of purpose trouble many people, but God provides a hopeful answer to all of our questions. Seek to grow closer to Him daily for joy and the fulfillment of promises and purpose!

Many people often wonder: why am I here? Why was I born? What is The Reason for Existence, and why was I created? Everyone wonders about the purpose and reason for our lives, but those who know God have an answer! Just as the universe was divinely and wonderfully made, so are we. We are each and every one of us created for a specific purpose and end. God designed us in love, and in an image of Him, with a plan in mind. God is love, and he lovingly made us so we could grow and learn more about Him each day. Though we are far from perfect, we can turn to God for an example of how we can improve our lives and grow closer to His perfection. That is what the Bible is for. It acts as a guide and also as a means of comfort.

If we read the first commandment, we already get a glimpse into our purpose. We are to love our God with all that we have, in order to receive the abundant and awesome promises He has given us. Sometimes however, it is difficult to believe this is true, especially with all the evil in the world. With all the terrible things happening, can we still discern God’s purpose? Dan Gabbert asks us to consider how God plans everything before he says it and puts it into action. Gabbert also explores how we can learn to love Christ and how we can show this love to others. Discover the real Reason for Existence – Why I Was Created by God, and for God!

Lecture 4: The Other Side of Grace – 30 Minutes

Grace is great, but do we know what it truly means and what having grace entails? Discover the true nature of grace in this presentation with Dan Gabbert.

In order to understand what grace is, we first must examine the meaning of salvation. Dan Gabbert explores what it means to be saved by Christ Jesus, and how grace ties into salvation. God supplies us with all of our needs, and He also gives us each gifts through His grace. Grace is indispensable, but do we all get it automatically?

Gabbert helps us comprehend what grace truly means. Is grace simply unmerited favour? Discover the deeper meaning behind grace, and how we can align our lives in order to acknowledge, understand, and achieve this grace. We need divine grace throughout our journey with Christ, and only through grace can we be saved.

Lecture 5: The Role of Conscience – 20 Minutes

Don’t allow your conscience to be tempted by earthly desires. Learn how to train your conscience to desire a Godly way of life.

What is the conscience? It is simply a feeling within us telling us what is right and what is wrong? Conscience plays a vital role in all of our lives, but particularly so for Christians. Conscience affects our decision maker, and conscience is intimately involved with our day-to-day lives. We all have convictions of conscience, helping us distinguish right from wrong. Dan Gabbert reminds us, however, that our conscience can be warped and influenced by evil.

We often desire earthly treasures, and our conscience can be tempted. We can only defeat this impure conscience with the Holy Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit to help discern sin from righteousness, and we require Him to hone our conscience. Through spiritual training by studying God’s word, we can turn our consciences into accurate barometers of right and wrong.

Lecture 6: The Kingly Power of Choice – 30 Minutes

Choice is hard, especially if we must live with that choice. How much harder, then, is it to actively choose God every day!

God is a perfect gentleman. He never coerces us or forces us to love, to care for, or to follow him. The Lord gave everyone free will, but many people suffer through spiritual conflict because we may not fully understand the power of choice. If we aligned our lives to God 100%, died to self, and submitted fully to God’s will, we would lead spiritually fulfilling lives.

Dan Gabbert explores the word of God to help us understand choice. People can choose grace and salvation, but by that choice we must make changes too. We are all sinners, but we can make an active choice every day to reject temptation and sin, and to follow Christ. Eternal life is an amazing gift, but it doesn’t come easily. Listen to some of Gabbert’s methods to help us choose God every day.

Lecture 7: Faith is the Victory – 35 Minutes

Life can be frustrating, difficult, and it really puts us to the test. However, faith is the victory for all of our challenges. Are you up to discovering more about faith?

The idea of faith may seem simple, but it is actually complex, intricate, and difficult to understand. Faith is a major aspect of our beliefs in Christ, and if we cannot understand it, and do not know what faith is good for and what it leads to, we miss the point of our Christianity. Dan Gabbert helps to reveal how we should relinquish our own will to show faith in God’s will, and submit to the Lord through faith. Faith is vital and we must achieve faith in order to gain the victory of salvation.

Everyone wishes their lives were better. We desire improved health, stronger relationships, and more success. However, we often become slaves to our own doubts and cannot control all of our impulses. We become weak in our relationship with God, replacing Him with earthly wants. However, Gabbert reminds us that we can ask for courage and more faith from our Heavenly Father. Faith is the victory over these troubles, and only the Lord can supply us with this faith.

Lecture 8: Repentance – 55 Minutes

What is required of us in order to get eternal life with the Lord? Discover the importance of faith and repentance.

There are two absolutely necessary ingredients to find and experience Christ. Dan Gabbert starts off in Acts 20 to explain how repentance and faith go hand in hand. Discover how these two things are vital in order to receive healing and salvation from our Heavenly Father.

We are all sinners, and many of us go through daily trials where we are tested and pushed to our limits. However, we cannot fall prey to our temptations and continually sin. We must turn from our evil and believe in the Lord. We cannot accomplish this through our own strength, but through the almighty and divine strength of the Lord. Jesus wants all of us to experience His precious presence through repentance and faith.

Lecture 9: Healthy Mental and Spiritual Warfare – 50 Minutes

Satan wants to deceive the whole world. How can we ensure we have a healthy mental and spiritual guard and an armor of Christ against him?

Satan is our enemy. How can we beat this strong antagonist in our lives? Dan Gabbert proposes that in order to defeat our enemy, we need to first understand our enemy. We cannot be ignorant of Satan’s mind or intentions. From exploring scripture, we know that Satan wishes to deceive and beguile as many people as possible. Perhaps that is why so many people are lost in this world. Satan has blinded these people’s minds.

We must be on guard and prepare our minds and souls against Satan. Satan can tell who has a deep meaningful relationship with Christ and who doesn’t. If we do not fully understand the Gospel or have a poor relationship with Jesus, we can fall victim to Satan’s snares. Gabbert reveals portions of the Bible that can help us in our mental and spiritual warfare against the devil.

Lecture 10: The Laws of the Mind and Heart – 45 Minutes

Learn about the 4 basic spiritual laws for the mind and for the heart.

In this life we will all experience some degree of mental and spiritual illness. Even in the face of these troubles, God has given us a plan of mental and spiritual health. Did you know that God provided 4 basic spiritual laws for overall health?

Today in the medical field there are millions of health practices and drugs, but should we be turning to secular science for true healing? The Bible is a sure and solid guide for how we should live our lives for fulfillment, contentment, grace, and healing. Instead of turning to experimental science for relief, turn to the unerring and unwavering Word of God for guidance and lasting healing.

Lecture 11: The Power of the Plan – What Salvation Includes – 40 Minutes

What does salvation really entail and are we ready for the perfect plan of salvation?

Do we fully understand what it means to be saved? When Jesus walked the earth, many people believed and were saved, but it is much more difficult and requires a true test of faith to trust and follow Christ when we cannot see Him. Dan Gabbert explores what salvation includes for us, and delves into the Lord’s plan for salvation.

Firstly we must define what salvation is and what Jesus came to earth to accomplish. Once we realize the real significance of salvation, we can come to appreciate and understand the mercies of Christ. His plan of salvation is perfect, and we can be part of this perfect plan. Gabbert describes salvation as God’s way to complete mental and spiritual health.

Lecture 12: Beyond Forgiveness – 40 Minutes

No one is perfect, and though we may seek daily forgiveness for our sins, what comes beyond forgiveness?

In this lecture with Dan Gabbert, we evaluate the true meaning of sanctification. What are the differences between justification, sanctification, and glorification? Discover the significance of these words and how we should daily strive to be restored to our original selves. We were made in the image of God, but through sin we fall further and further away from what we are meant to be. Though we can seek forgiveness for our shortcomings – and we all have many – God does not merely forgive us. He goes a step further. Let’s discuss what comes beyond forgiveness and learn about God’s beautiful mercy and His glorious promises.

Lecture 13: Guilty or Not – How Can I Tell? – 45 Minutes

We may all feel guilt and fall into sin, but we needn’t endure the punishment for sin if we learn to seek Christ and forgiveness.

As we go through life, we will all inevitably feel guilty for our sins. No human is perfect, and there will always be something that isn’t completely right with God. We need to find ways to reconcile our guilt with Christ before this guilt affects our eternal destiny. In this lecture with Dan Gabbert, discover the definition of being guilty before God. Because of Adam and Eve, we have all inherited sin. This sin will lead us all to the first death. But what about the second death? Do we all need to experience that? Learn about how we can tell whether we are guilty or not, and how we can align ourselves to the Lord’s righteousness.

Lecture 14: Prayer – A Heavenly Key – 35 Minutes

Prayer is powerful, it brings us closer to Christ and nurtures our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

The Bible gives us many prescriptions for what we should do when we encounter difficulty. Consider what Jesus did when He realized He would be betrayed and put to death. He went into the garden in solitude and prayed to His father in heaven. We can follow His wonderful example and go to God whenever we are struggling and even when things are going well in our lives. Like a constant confidant, loving father and powerful friend, God is listening to us. We need to choose to speak with Him whenever we can, for prayer is how we grow and mature in a relationship with Christ. If we do not speak with our Heavenly Father, and ask for the Holy Spirit, we may never gain understanding.

Lecture 15: Responding to Difficulties God’s Way – 60 Minutes

When we face a challenge do we tell ourselves to ‘be a man’ or to ‘be strong’? Consider instead how we can ‘be more like God!’

What happens when we are having a hard time with something? Do we scream, yell, and mope? Do we dwell in our misery? Though our first instinct is to react in a negative and sullen manner, consider how God calls us to respond to tough times. Remember that Jesus lived an earthly life and experienced all the difficulties you can imagine. He was humiliated, cast out, tortured, and put to death. If we keep perspective, we realize our own hardship can be handled appropriately. Go to God and see how He responded to conflict and drama. Can we learn how to respond to difficulties in a Godly way?

Lecture 16: Problems – Why? – 35 Minutes

Why do we still encounter so many problems when we are supposed to be God’s chosen people?

Of course we all wish our lives were easier and we had fewer problems. Why are our daily lives so different from the Eden that mankind once had? In this lecture with Dan Gabbert, learn about some reasons why we may experience problems and how we can theologically manage these conflicts. How can we approach God for help in difficult circumstances?

Lecture 17: God’s Design for Victory – 40 Minutes

Do you know God is on our side and wants us to find victory in Him?

God has never coerced us to love Him. He has never forced us to follow Him, but He loves us enough to allow us to choose for ourselves. It is through our constant faith that we continue to seek Him every day. God is the author and finisher of our faith, and He has set up a design for our victory. God has ways for us to find redemption in every single aspect of our lives, but we must learn to go to His Holy Word to seek Him and to prayerfully submit to Him. Listen to this lecture with Dan Gabbert to learn about God’s beautiful design for victory.

Lecture 18: Forward, Not Backward to Heal – 40 Minutes

Instead of looking back at our troubling pasts, learn how to move forward in Christ to heal.

Everyone has gone through difficult and trying times. We are not immune to life’s challenges, and over time trauma can really wear us down. Many psychologists and experts advocate trauma recollection and healing through reliving past experiences. However, do we really need to relive our potentially horrifying histories? Going backwards can be helpful at times, but it is not always healing in a spiritual way. Going back does not change what happened, and we cannot dwell in the past. In this lecture with Dan Gabbert, discover the importance of moving forward with Christ and to find true and complete healing in the One that created us and knows us intimately.

Lecture 19: Thankful, Even Though… – 25 Minutes

When bad things happen, the last thing we may want to do is to pray earnestly to thank our Heavenly Father. Why should we continue to be thankful?

In this life we will have trouble. We were promised and guaranteed hardship in the Bible, and we are called to be thankful in all things. It is difficult to feel or understand God when we are suffering, but we can always approach the one who created us and knows us intimately. In this lecture with Dan Gabbert, discover why we should be thankful despite all the hard things that occur in our lives.