From Crete To Malta, by Walter Veith


Language: English
Release Date: 2015
Duration: 8 Hours
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: 5 DVD Set


We are living in confusing and tumultuous times. There are compelling and disturbing trends in the world that we need to keep our eyes on. In this 5-part series with Professor Walter Veith we look at the movements in the religious world that are seeking to trivialize Jesus Christ and to marginalize Protestants. In this well-researched and thorough series From Crete to Malta, we will
investigate recent events to see how prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes. What do the recent events on the world stage mean in light of Biblical prophecy? Is Islam rearing its head yet again? Are we reading the prophecies correctly? Having studied prophecy and understanding the Holy Bible, we know what is to come and are prepared. This series is great for anyone who is
skeptical about what is going on in the world around us, and for those who are looking for the signs of the times.


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