Faith Over Flesh, by Scott Ritsema


Language: English
Release Date: 2014
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: 2 DVD Set



Pornography afflicts nonbelievers and Christians alike. Learn to defeat this sinful addiction with faith.

As Christ-followers, we may sometimes pride ourselves in our behavior. However, there are some troubling statistics showing an increasing number of Christian men that have fallen prey to the addiction of pornography. Just like a drug, pornography has grabbed young men and have dragged them into a dark realm of flesh. We have become victims to the lust of the eyes, but we can find victory over our brains.

In this lecture with Scott Ritsema, we will discover the complexities of the brain and how our mind responds when we are stimulated by the flesh. Our brains are endlessly complex, created for eternity and created to know and worship Christ. We’re supposed to learn and grow perpetually. Sadly, this powerful organ can also become powerfully addicted. Discover how pornography addiction can cause actual physical damage, not just psychological damage as many may have believed. Learn how our society got to this point of pornographic overstimulation and how satan’s deliberate plan is deceiving man. We do not need to be complete slaves to lust, despite having internet, TV, and lustful images everywhere. Lust is not inevitable, there is hope through Christ. We will investigate some methods to beat the addiction of the flesh. How can we develop new patterns of thought and redirect our minds to pure things? Ritsema will discuss the shocking truths about pornography and show us that we can truly beat our sinful nature with faith over flesh.

In the second part of Faith Over Flesh, Scott Ritsema will reveal the physical damage that self abusive masturbation and pornography can cause. Did you know we know more about epigenetics today than ever before, and there is startling evidence that shows how our addictions and actions can affect our children, grandchild, and more. Our struggles with the flesh doesn’t just affect us, it affects our families and those who care about us. Learn about the lust cascade and the many detriments that lust can cause. Heightened anxiety, dulled mental capabilities, and depression are just some of the symptoms of an addiction to lust.

Our character is slowly damaged further and further, and our holiness pathways to Christ are hindered. Every time we consciously log onto the internet or click into those questionable websites, we are hurting others. Each click, view, and visit pours money into the pornography industry. We are perpetuating this harmful trend, and we cannot continue along this path. We become addicted to the hormones that are released during orgasm, but these hormones are meant for a husband and wife to share, not stolen by a stranger online. When we lust after concepts of women online or other women in real life, it destroys the intimacy meant for marriage and real relationships are tarnished.

Pornography is not an accurate representation of real holy sexuality, and unrealistic expectations are created in young men across the world. Thankfully, Christ has designed a victory for us already. Our Lord will set His captives free if we only ask for the Holy Spirit to enter in and change our lives. Though we may feel guilt and shame over our actions, and feel hesitant to talk to God about our transgression, He is always near us. He wants to comfort us and is longing for us to ask Him to help. Watch this culturally relevant lecture to learn about the real physical ailments caused by self abuse and pornography, and hear how we can turn our minds from the things of this earth to the things above.


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