Echoes from the Past and Pictures of the Future, by Daniel Pel


Language: English
Release Date:  2011
Duration: 15 Hours
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: 7 DVD Set


This wonderful series takes you on an amazing journey of discoveries in the world of apocalyptic prophecies. Chapter by chapter and verse by verse the books of Daniel and Revelation are explored. Ancient Scriptures reveal the rise and fall of empires leading to the very days in which we are living.

The prophecies of the past are presenting pictures of what we can expect in the very near future. With a world spinning out of control many wonder what is next on the horizon. Through this prophecy seminar many have discovered hope and assurance for the days ahead as well as found honest answers to their questions.

Daniel Pel has traveled extensively to present relevant and engaging topics from the Scriptures.

Born in New Zealand, Daniel has spent most of his life in Europe.

Lecture 1: A Lost Kingdom – 44 Minutes

An introduction into the world of the prophet Daniel of the Old Testament reveals an unseen battle raging in the universe.

Lecture 2: Prophetic Symbols and the Future of this World – 44 Minutes

An incredible prophecy from ancient Babylon leads us through the rise and fall of the empires to the days in which we are living and reveals the near future.

Lecture 3: The Story of Three Kings – 60 Minutes

Three mighty rulers of antiquity come face to face with God’s prophet, changing the course of their lives.

Lecture 4: The Rise of the Antichrist – 68 Minutes

Who is the Antichrist fi­gure spoken of in Bible prophecy? Is he a fi­gure of the past, present, or future? What has or will he do? Discover this mysterious power unmasked!

Lecture 5: A Judgment in Our Favor – 70 Minutes

Fascinating prophecies reveal that we are living in the time of Judgment. What does this mean for us today?

Lecture 6: A Peek Behind the Scenes – 74 Minutes

A journey through the longest prophecy in the book of Daniel truly establishes the accuracy of Scripture and gives us confidence for the future.

Lecture 7: Final Deliverance! – 71 Minutes

The ­final chapter of the book of Daniel gives us a picture of fi­nal events and the good news of a restored kingdom.

Lecture 8: Letters from a Lonely Isle – 60 Minutes

Seven letters reveal the course of the Christian Church throughout the ages leading up to a graphic description of God’s Church today.

Lecture 9: Revelation’s Countdown – 60 Minutes

John on the island of Patmos sees in vision a book sealed with seven seals that no one can open except Jesus Christ. Seal after seal is removed presenting pictures of events leading to the end of time. Echoes from the past reveal the meaning of the book and the amazing content of it.

Lecture 10: A Movement of Prophecy and an Approaching King – 60 Minutes

The book of Revelation records seven angels with seven trumpets and seven messages. What are the seven messages all about?

Lecture 11: Revelation’s Two Witnesses and the Key to Overcome – 60 Minutes

Discover how the Word of God has stood the test of time and is our key to overcome.

Lecture 12: The Final Battle – 96 Minutes

Find out what the mark of the beast is. Learn how to escape it and come out of the ­final battle victorious.

Lecture 13: The Fall of Babylon – 76 Minutes

Just as ancient Babylon fell in the past, so the kingdoms of this world will come to their end in the near future. How will it happen and what will be the result?

Lecture 14: A Restored Kingdom – 57 Minutes

Revelation ends with a breathtaking picture of the future awaiting God’s people.

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