Creation By God or evolution from nothing? by Nicolene Filmalter (Book & DVD)


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If you’re concerned about what your children are learning in school regarding evolution, yet you don’t know how to answer them, this book is for you. If you think that the ‘story behind the story’ is too complicated to understand, this book is for you. If the truth REALLY matters to you, irrespective of what the ‘majority’ wants you to believe, this book is for you! And if you’re just curious, this book is definitely for you too. I have condensed some of the most important and interesting facts on the subject of creation versus evolution so that people without a scientific background will find it easier to understand (Ages 12-112). Why is it important? What is all the ‘fuss’ about? Isn’t it possible that God simply used the ‘process of evolution’ to create everything? Few people realise how the teaching of evolution promotes an anti-Biblical religion. In fact, many church leaders don’t even believe in their own Book – The BIBLE – anymore. The progressive denial of the Creator God is clearly outlined in the first two principles of the Humanist Manifesto of 1933, updated in 2003, wherein the universe is viewed as self-maintained (not created) and where Humanism believes man to be a part of nature from which he arose as a result of on-going natural processes.

This series offers a practical, refreshing and insightful look at the evolution-creation debate and will provide food for thought for even the most ardent supporter of the phylogenetic approach to origins. Nicolene has  succeeded in highlighting the issues that make this  debate even more relevant in our time in spite of the  almost superhuman efforts by the evolutionary camp to sell their concept to the world via every available media. Origin by design cannot and will not be laid to rest as the  evidence for design is so overwhelming that even hardened  atheists have to acknowledge it though they will not allow a ‘Divine foot in the door’. Interlaced with  humour, Nicolene has presented the facts from the molecular to the organismic level in a simple yet  profound manner so that young and old may  benefit. It is my hope that the readers will allow the  evidence to speak for itself and I urge them to lay aside the prejudices which modern society and the  scientific fraternity have infused into the human psyche so the facts may speak for themselves. – Prof Walter Veith

Lectures On The DVD:
1. Introduction, Science Defined & The ‘Big Bang’
2. Mutations, Natural Selection & The Created Kind
3. Young Or Old Earth? Sedimentary Strata & Fossils
4. The Biblical Flood And The Effect Thereof
5. Logistics Of The Ark And After The Flood
6. Dinosaurs
7. Human Evolution – Really?
8. Radiometric Dating
9. Intelligent Design

10. Confronted By Truth – Interview With Walter Veith

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