Can These Bones Live, by Andreas Mellas


Language: English
Release Date:  2014
Duration: 55 minutes
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: Single DVD


In this modern age, many people are seeking happiness wherever they can. Whether that be in the popular culture of music, tv, and movies, or to spending more time with friends than with Christ. Our earthly interests quickly seem more important than heavenly and eternal interests. Our priorities have shifted away from God. But will these earthly pleasures bring us joy? Or is there an emptiness that only our Saviour can fill?

Pastor Andreas Mellas proposes that we need a revival of primitive Godliness. Many Christians act and live as though they have lost their first love. If we know the truth of God’s love, but refuse to practice it in our everyday lives, what good is our faith? The devil is efficiently using his short time on earth to deceive us. He has tempted us with our own greed to leave God on the side. Instead of letting the devil win, consider the 4 W’s of how to turn our dry bones into living Christ-centered people. Are we willing to search for the answers of how to do this? Discover the answer: can these bones live?

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