Behold He Prayeth, by Andreas Mellas


Language: English
Release Date:  2014
Duration: 60 minutes
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: Single DVD


Every day that we go without communicating with God is a lost day. Can we get those moments back? Andreas Mellas describes the 3 C’s of how we can grow closer to the Lord through prayer.

Do you think our society honors God enough? Prayer is a vital part of our relationship with Christ, but why is it that some of our relationships are lacking? Many people pray to get what they want, to ask the Lord for things but rarely to thank Him. We pray selfishly, and pour over our own desires. We pray to appease our obligations and it often becomes routine and repetitive to pray. The meaning of prayer slowly fades, and it becomes a mechanical and formal part of our day.

Andreas Mellas proposes how prayer ought to help us grow closer to God, and prayer facilitates our journey to becoming Christ-like. However, we need to first accept we aren’t perfect yet. We are all sinners and fall short, but through prayer and an ever-growing and nurtured relationship with our Heavenly Father, we can learn to be more like Him who is perfect. If we fail in prayer, which is our way to communicate with the Father, then we have failed elsewhere in our Christianity as well. Mellas describes the 3 C’s of prayer and how we can understand the significance of meaningful prayer.

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