A Synopsis of the Crucified Life, by Andreas Mellas


Language: English
Release Date:  2015
Duration: 93 minutes
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: Single DVD


We may think we know what it means to live a Christ-centered life, but do we know what it is to live a crucified life?

Do you sometimes think we are living with powerless Christianity? We have a beautiful Gospel and have been told to proclaim, pronounce the truth, and to share it all over the world. However, when we go out into the world we find the need to over-explain it, over-analyze every word, to break it down and over-complicate certain aspects of a simple message. Have we lost the basic, primitive, and original meaning of the Gospel? We have gorgeous source material but sometimes we do more harm than good with it.

In this lecture with pastor Andreas Mellas we will go into 2 Timothy 2 to investigate how 1st century Christians lived out the crucified life. How did their methods differ from ours? Can we take examples from their lives and apply it to our modern world today? This book of the Bible gives a summary of faith in the Gospel and provides us with basic principles of a surrendered life. Let us learn what the crucified life and Gospel is all about.

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