Food For Thought, by Walter Veith


Language: English
Release Date: 2017
Duration: 4.8 Hours
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: 3 DVD Set


DVD’s In This Series
1. To Soy Or Not To Soy & Health Brown Bread
2. Food For Thought & Healthy Rye Bread
3. The Path Of Obedience & Deep Breathing

1. To Soy Or Not To Soy
In this educational, well researched health seminar with Walter Veith we will see how lifestyle changes are the most important factors for improving our health. In this captivating health lecture with Walter Veith we will explore the traditional African diet versus a Westernized diet. Why is a simpler diet better for us? We will learn about the benefits of plant proteins, despite the argument that animal proteins are the best.
What about the controversial soybean? Once and for all, is this food good or not? Explore the different ideals of nutrition between cultures and make up your own mind

2. Food For Though
There are many risk factors that affect our health. If we look at the studies behind the common health concerns we will notice how lifestyle diseases are at the top of every list. In this knowledge-filled lecture with Walter Veith we will look at the importance of diet. What is the food that is perfect for a healthy brain? The brain consumes glucose for energy. How do we keep our glucose levels high healthfully to maintain a healthy mind?  What are the key fruits and vegetables that contribute to healthy brains?

3. The Path Of Obedience
What is the true origin of tobacco and alcohol? Though most people know these vices are bad for us, why is it still proliferated throughout society today? What about chocolate? Though seemingly benign and an enjoyable dessert for millions, is there actually a sinister background to this treat? Following the Bible and all its health prescriptions will lead to a more spiritually fulfilling life, in turn promoting a healthy body and healthy life: and that is the true path of obedience!

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