Changing the Word, by Walter Veith


Language: English
Release Date: 2004
Duration: 4.5 hours
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: Single DVD


Are all the Bible translations the same? What do we need to be aware of when choosing which Bible to read?

A near exhaustive comparison of modern Bible versions with the King James Version, this DVD takes a hands-on approach to the Bible, exposing the blatant changes that have been made in modern translations to rob Christ of His deity.
Our battle is not against flesh and blood. Spiritual forces wish to rob us of our only source of inspiration outlining the road to salvation.
In the Battle of the Bibles, hard evidence is provided for how the Enemy has worked behind the scenes to set the stage for the final attack on the Word of God.
In this presentation, the history and affiliations of those who have dared to reshape God’s Word to suit their occult philosophy is clearly exposed. This DVD includes a discussion of the different versions of the Bible and their sources, showing that the issue is not a version but a manuscript.

Learn about gnosticism as compared to the manuscripts and the city of Alexandria and how it related to the occult world.

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